Tuesday, October 20, 2009

February baby

So I went to my new midwife yesterday, and she changed my due date -- It's February 1. I suppose now that I have a February baby, I should make the "February Baby" sweater! Maybe I'll wait and see if she comes on time...

This is me yesterday. As of today, I am now exactly 25 weeks along.

25 wks (oct19)

I still have to finish off the purple & white striped cardigan for Gwen. It shouldn't be taking me so long, it's not as if it's difficult or anything... I just keep putting off the finishing. All I have to do now is make the second button band, and then get buttons for it! I think I'll make a date with Abby to go to M&J Trimmings together for the buttons, so I have a deadline.


rocket.queen. said...

aww look at the pretty belly!

I just found out we are expecting #2 in mid-June and am totally going GA-GA over all the stuff to knit him/her. Of course, wool pants and covers for cloth diapers but sweaters MUST be made even for a summer babe!

Sara said...

Wow! You didn't look that big when I saw you last week. I guess you were kind of hiding your belly under the table.

webbfamily said...

Your belly is so cute!